May 4

How Neurofeedback Manages ADHD and Other Disorders

How Neurofeedback Manages ADHD and Other Disorders

May 4, 2023

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Imagine your brain is a house. Like any other house, it has many rooms and hallways.

All these different rooms serve their own purpose. You have a kitchen to cook, and a bedroom to sleep, just like you have a section of the brain that helps with listening, and another with memory.

Think about your own home. You probably have some rooms that are functioning well, where you accomplish what you need to without any additional challenge… and then there’s the room that’s an absolute cluttered mess.

The brain works the same way. There may be a section of the brain that’s too “cluttered,” or has too many overly-high brain waves to be functioning properly. Or perhaps a section that’s actually lacking the tools you need, or the brain waves are too low. Both of these can occur, resulting in that area of the brain not functioning as you need it to function.

So what do you do if your kitchen is too messy? You focus on that room and improve it.

How neurofeedback helps

Neurofeedback works in the same way, especially when you start with a brain map. With a brain map, you’ll get a blueprint of your brain’s “house” and how all the different rooms are functioning.

Then, by using sensors, you’ll accomplish a few tasks that feel like video games, all the while training the rooms in your brain’s house that need a bit more management. After several sessions, you’ll see improvements in the area of functioning where you’ve been training.

In this way, you can manage your ADHD and other disorders that may be interfering with your function. If you have challenges in the “room” of the brain that deals with attention, you can build up that room using neurofeedback. (Read more about attention: “What is Attention?”)

This can be helpful when you’re not sure if ADHD is the root cause of your attention problems. Since all attention takes place in that “room,” then managing that room will only benefit your attention, regardless of the cause. (Read more about misdiagnosis: “When Are Attention Problems NOT ADHD?”)

Want to learn more about attention?

Watch our interview with LD Expert Live, sponsored by Stowell Learning Centers, and learn more about understanding attention and focus.

The discussion centers around parents helping their children, but it also has a number of good tips for adults who are looking to improve their focus, as well.

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