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After 16 + years of dealing with anxiety that had progressed to the worst it's ever been... I found Vital Brain Health and booked an appointment with Dr. Licata... 20 sessions in and I can already see a major difference, I can enjoy things I couldn't before and just relax and watch television at night , something so simple that means the world when you've dealt with anxiety for years for days on end...

I would 1000 percent recommend neurofeedback for those who don't want to just coat there issues with medication and train/rewire their Brain

Blanca S. | Los Angeles, CA

I always have a wonderful experience when I go into this office. The staff is absolutely incredible, friendly, personal and caring... I have been doing neurofeedback for a few months and have noticed so monumental changes. When I first started seeing Dr. Licata, I was experiencing extreme anxiety and constantly in fight or flight mode, my mind was running non stop and I couldn't sit in one spot or too long.

After many session of brain training, I am no longer in fight or flight, my anxiety has reduced tremendously and I am able to sit still and focus on one task at a time.

Natalie P. | Sandy, UT

This place changed my life and gave me a better one. I was an athlete in college (basketball player) who struggled and suffered for years from a head injury (concussion) that happened during the time I was playing basketball. I tried all sorts of stuffed but never found the treatment or healing that I needed. 

These guys were able to uncover and asses the real problems in just about a week, whereas it took me years to even get somewhat close with all kinds of different medical specialists. They were able to provide a piece of my life back that was lost for a long time.

Adrian C. | San Dimas, CA

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