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We’re here to transform lives through brain-based healing and scientific innovation… because we believe you deserve to live your life to the fullest.

The World of Neurofeedback: The world of neurofeedback and neurotherapy is a diverse and rapidly emerging discipline, composed of academics, psychologists, therapists, MDs, DCs, DOs, PhDs, and beyond.  

No two neurofeedback practices are the same, which can create immense challenges for the consumer.  Some use EEG and qEEG Brain Maps, most do not.  

There are also many diverse subtypes of neurofeedback and neurotherapy including SMR training, Alpha Training, Alpha/Theta Training, Perfusion Training, Beta Training, Vigilance Training, tDCS, tACS, tRCS, HRV, HEG, PEMF, TMS, and many many more.  

Our Practice

Our practice is built on 15 years of evidence-based clinical work with the concussion and chronic pain community.  We limit our scope so that we can provide the highest level of technical and clinical excellence for our ADHD, Anxiety, and Concussion clients. 

We work with the world’s leading experts in EEG and qEEG Brain Map analysis so that we can accurately understand your unique needs.  

We have also become experts in nearly a dozen unique subtypes of neurofeedback and neurotherapy…and use only the type of neurofeedback that matches your brain’s unique needs.  

Our Community

The Vital team also includes an Interprofessional Community of many the best practitioners in Pasadena, and the Greater Los Angeles.

We collaborate with local neurologists, psychologists,  educational therapists, naturopaths, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, acupuncturists, learning specialists, functional medicine doctors… and many many more… to address the many facets of your healing journey.

neurofeedback training
neurofeedback training

Meet The Team

Giancarlo Licata

Dr. Giancarlo Licata


Giancarlo Licata

Dr. Licata is founder, and Director, of Vital Head and Spine. His focus is on Applied Neuroscience, Concussion recovery, and Interprofessional Collaboration.

Having cared for thousands of patients with chronic pain, migraines, and concussions, Dr Licata deepened his expertise with Andrew Hill, PhD at Peak Brain Institute, and Tiff Thompson, Phd at Neurofield Neurotherapy.  He now works closely with world renowned EEG expert Jay Gunkelman to better understand and improve concussion recovery, attention, sleep, and anxiety.  His unique combination of evidence-based tools in EEG, qEEG, ERP, and applied neuroscience is used to create one of the leading applied neuroscience centers in the country.  

Dr Licata speaks nationally on topics including Brain Health, Sleep Science, Performance Science, Concussion Management, and has been featured on ABC, Huffington Post, and national podcast interviews.

Meet Our Brain Trainers

Our Brain Trainers are part personal trainer, part brain-nerd.  Whether you’re looking to improve your ATTENTION, ANXIETY, CONCUSSIONS, or SLEEP, we make sure you hit your target.  We measure your brain waves, support you during each training session, and help you achieve your brain goal.  

isabella vital brain health

Isabella D.

Brain Trainer II & qEEG Technician

isabella vital brain health

Isabella grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Neurology.

She will oversee and guide your journey through Neurofeedback and ensure it runs as smoothly and comfortable for you as possible! Throughout your brain training, Isabella will help you reach your fullest potential in improving performance, sleep, and mood.

In her free time she loves to plan camping trips and enjoy the sun at Vista Hermosa Park in DTLA.

Analisa Betters

Brain Trainer I and qEEG Technician

vital brain health

Analisa grew up in Pasadena and graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Applied Psychology.

When she's not busy with day-to-day patient interactions, she improves our Brain Training Systems. Analisa takes great joy in connecting and understanding the needs of our patients.

When not at the office you will find Analisa on a local trail or beach with her husband, daughter, and german shepherds.

vital brain health
mateo fernandez vital brain health

Mateo Fernandez

Brain Trainer I and qEEG Technician

mateo fernandez vital brain health

Mateo grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Human Physiology.  He was drawn to this field of study by a desire to understand what makes the human body function.

Mateo is studying and training to become a Brain Trainer 1 on the Vital Team by the summer of 2023.  Soon, he will take on his own clients and guide them through their next breakthrough in life. Mateo loves what he does because he knows he is helping others and being of service.

Outside of work, he enjoys playing pickleball and caring for his fitness and health.  He is a family man who is happy to be back home in Los Angeles.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

After 16 + years of dealing with anxiety that had progressed to the worst it's ever been... I found Vital Brain Health and booked an appointment with Dr. Licata... 20 sessions in and I can already see a major difference, I can enjoy things I couldn't before and just relax and watch television at night , something so simple that means the world when you've dealt with anxiety for years for days on end...

I would 1000 percent recommend neurofeedback for those who don't want to just coat there issues with medication and train/rewire their Brain

Blanca S. | Los Angeles, CA

I always have a wonderful experience when I go into this office. The staff is absolutely incredible, friendly, personal and caring... I have been doing neurofeedback for a few months and have noticed so monumental changes. When I first started seeing Dr. Licata, I was experiencing extreme anxiety and constantly in fight or flight mode, my mind was running non stop and I couldn't sit in one spot or too long.

After many session of brain training, I am no longer in fight or flight, my anxiety has reduced tremendously and I am able to sit still and focus on one task at a time.

Natalie P. | Sandy, UT

This place changed my life and gave me a better one. I was an athlete in college (basketball player) who struggled and suffered for years from a head injury (concussion) that happened during the time I was playing basketball. I tried all sorts of stuffed but never found the treatment or healing that I needed. 

These guys were able to uncover and asses the real problems in just about a week, whereas it took me years to even get somewhat close with all kinds of different medical specialists. They were able to provide a piece of my life back that was lost for a long time.

Adrian C. | San Dimas, CA

Professional Certifications

academy of integrative health & medicine
international society of neurofeedback & research
international association of applied neuroscience
applied psychophysiologo & biofeedback